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Roberto "Caracol" Paviotti, born in La Plata, Argentina, began singing at the early age of 6. His first appearance was with the Favero's Children Orchestra, making artistic tours sponsored by the unforgettable comediant Fidel Pintos. Since then, he has walked a long way, experiencing other musical styles such as argentinian folk and melodic songs. In 1979 was invited by the singer and composer Chico Novarro to participate in the successful show "Songs with history". During the 80's, he went back to sing tangos as a soloist, sharing stages with Osvaldo Tarantino, Chabuca Granda, Homero y Virgilio Expósito, Sebastián Piana, Eladia Blázquez, Hector Samponi, Juan Falú, Daniel Riolobos, Susana Rinaldi, Quinteto Piazzolla, Pedro Aznar, Daniel Binelli, Raúl Carnota, Luis Salinas, Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, Jaime Dávalos, Armando Tejada Gómez, 

Esteban Morgado, Mario Arnedo Gallo, Lito Vitale, Lucho González, Hamlet Lima Quintana, María Volonté, among others

In 1988 he joined the pianist and arranger of many of his songs Tato Finocchi, who worked with until the end of 2002. Caracol recorded 11 CDs (see page of Discography): Compás de espera (1998), Caracol canta tangos (1999), Mucho más que dos (2001), Algo diferente (2003), Destino de Canto (2004), Cantar (2006), Son cosas del amor (2008), Tango Chino & Caracol (2010), Manzi por Caracol (2010), Milongamente (2011) and Caracol guitarra y voz (2013). In some of them he includes several songs composed by himself. He performed in Buenos Aires in well known places such as El Club del vino, Clásica y Moderna, La trastienda, Ghandi, La revuelta, Hotel Sheraton, Teatro General Alvear, Teatro General San Martín, Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso,  and Centro Cultural del sur, among others.

He has done concert tours along the country (Córdoba, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, La Rioja, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Rosario, Paraná, etc) and around the world (Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, USA, and Switzerland. He had many musicians such as Tato Finocchi (piano), Daniel Martínez Príccolo (bandoneon), Adriana Gonzalez (contrabass) and Pablo Gimenez (electric bass), Pablo Raninqueo (flute), Roberto Calvo (guitar), Nestor Gomez (guitar), Hernán Ruiz (guitar), Federico Arreseygor (piano), Leo Scaglia (drums), Hugo Figueras (cello), Adrian Fanello (contrabass), Lisandro Gimenez (cello), Maria Elgarte (flute), Joaquin Galeliano (piano), José Teixidó (guitar),  Guido Briscioli (guitar) and Guido De Blasi (guitar), among others. He performed in many Domestic and Foreign Tango Festivals (see page of Shows)..

The unforgettable composer Héctor "Chupita" Stamponi said about him in 1986: "...of the new singers I was impressed by one from La Plata, Roberto Paviotti, who has what a singer has to have: courage to impose the text, besides his tuned and good colored voice"